Notice to the public

Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” (GrSMU) hereby informs the prospective students and their parents that GrSMU does not have any official agreement with the companies “ANC Education-PATHE Study Medicine/ANC Future Centre Medical Placements”, “Northshore Medical Placements”, "MATEY ABROAD Education Consultansy PVT. LDT.". The above-mentioned organizations are not authorized to use the name, logo of the university, to advertise the university and to recruit students from Sri-Lanka, Maldives, or any other country.

GrSMU cannot be responsible for the incorrect information given on the official websites of the companies or in the marketing materials and recommends the applicants to refer to the official website of the university

If you require more information, please contact the International Affairs Department of GrSMU:

Phone: +375-152-44-68-12