The laboratory of practical training was organized in February, 2013 for the first time among medical schools.

Our department has provided practical training from the first days.

The changes which allowed in each group of all faculties and courses were made according to curricula of practical training with use of opportunities of the center. Annually there is an updating of expendables and, whenever possible, acquisition of new mannequins.

There are machines in our class to acquire all main skills necessary for assimilation for each general practitioner.

Ensuring clearance of respiratory tracts: lower jaw extension, performance of triple reception of Safar, installation of air duct, laryngeal mask, nazo-and orotracheal intubation and also carrying out artificial lung ventilation.

Performing complex resuscitation of the adult.

Performing complex resuscitation of the child, removal of a foreign body of the upper airways at children.

Arterial puncture

Puncture and catheterization of the central veins.

Spinal and epidural puncture.

"The best knowledge – knowledge set by practice!"

 (The Department of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine)