The main areas of work of the Department for Academic Affairs and Education for work with youth

I. Educational work with student youth is related to:

  • ideological education;
  • military-patriotic education;
  • spiritual and moral education;
  • aesthetic education;
  • self-discovery and self - regulation culture education;
  • healthy lifestyle education;
  • gender and family education;
  • occupational and professional education;
  • ecologic education;
  • life safety education;
  • every day life style education;
  • socio-educational support and care of the students
  • information and methodological  providing education;

II. Control of educational work of faculties, departments; work coordination of tutors of students groups, educators, methodologists, psychologists, social education specialists and other specialists participating in educational process at the university.

III. Organization of activities on prevention of youth crime, organization of work of law enforcement student group.

IV. Improvement of prestige and popularity of the University over the world.

The Department collaborates with public organizations and coordinates the activities of other departments of the university participating in educational process.