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Gushchyna Ludmila Nikolaevna, born on February 3, 1954

Current position: Vice-Dean of the Faculty for International Students, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages, PhD in Linguistics (Candidate of Philological Sciences).

Education: higher pedagogic, specialty – the English and French languages. Within the 4th year of studies there was a one-year study trip to the Oxford University for training in the English language, literature and arts.

Graduation with honors from the Ussuriysk State Pedagogic Institute (Russia) in 1976.

Experience: more than 30 years of teaching English, 24 of them at the Grodno State Medical University. For previous 4 years being associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages simultaneously headed the University Educational-Methodological Board.

Field of Scientific Interest: medical terminology, comparative linguistics (Russian and English), innovation methods of teaching.

Publications: 10 Manuals, about 85 scientific articles in journals and the materials of international scientific conferences