Address: 230023, Grodno, Bolshaja Troetskaya str., 4.
Laboratory building of the Educational organization "Grodno State Medical University"
Department of Pathological Physiology named after D. A. Maslakov
Tel. Department: 60- 76-08, the head of the department - 74-02-68


Department of Pathological Physiology named after D.A. Maslakov

Department of Pathophysiology in the Grodno State Medical Institute (now University) was organized in 1960 (the order of the Rector No. 295 of September 12, 1960). In 2012 Department of Pathophysiology was named after D.A. Maslakov, professor and head of the department from 1962 to 2004. Educational, scientific and  methodological work is provided in few disciplines: "pathological physiology" for 3rd year medical students of foreign, pediatric, medico-psychological and medico-diagnostic faculties; and "pathology" for 2nd year nurses with medical education of medico-diagnostic faculty, as well as training in the magister degree (II level of higher education) in the specialty of "1-79 80 29 -" Pathological physiology, physiology". The practice of the department is aimed to possessing by medics the deep theoretical knowledge and skills in the studied disciplines. Education in English was organized since 2005 year.

The first rector of the Institute and at the same time the Head of the Department of Pathophysiology was Ph.D., Associate Professor Supron L.F. From 1962 to 2004 the department was headed by Prof. D.A. Maslakov, Doctor of Science, Honored Scientist of Belarus. Since 2012 the department had named after prof. D.A. Maslakov. Since 2004, the department is headed by Professor Maksimovich N.E. The Ph.D. and subsequently professor Bakanskaya V.V., ass. Govor L.L., ass. Kalinina T.V., ass. Lagodsky Ya.V. were teachers of the Pathophysiology. At the department there was many scientific and pedagogical medical persons (Borisyuk M.V. (1965-1969), Eismont K.A. (1980-2016), Korolyov P.M. (1970-1980), Schneider A.B. (1981-1985), Dremza I.K. (1980-1982, 2012- present), Malchik S.S. (1984-1999), Maksimovich N.Ye. (1984-present), Suchotskaja G.M. (1986-2001), M.N. Khodosovsky (from 2000), Troyan E.I. (from 2002), Lelevich A.V. (from 2002), Milosz T.S. (2006-2010), Gerasimchik E.V. (2007-2013), Beger T.A. (2009-2013), Sobolevsky VA (2009-2014), Ermak V.V. (from 2010), Filistovich T.I. (2013-present), Razvodovsky Yu.E. (from 2013), Gusakovskaya E.V. (from 2014), Bon Ye.I. (from 2017 ), Zaerko A.V. (from 2017).

The department has 6 classrooms, a laboratory, computer class. According to the staff schedule at the department there are 9.0 rates of teachers and 4.0 rates of laboratory technicians.

In addition to textbooks students use a number of training and educational tools to prepare for classes: "Presentation of lectures", manuals "Pathological Physiology" for practical exercises, "Pathology of Metabolism", "Pathology of the Blood System and Hemostasis". To optimize the preparation for classes for students of all faculties, electronic teaching and methodical complexes have been developed.

Annually, at the end of the 6th semester, an Olympiad in Pathophysiology is held among students. The educational process uses information and communication educational technologies.

Scientific investigations of the pathogenesis of ischemic and reperfusion injuries of the brain, liver and their correction is performed by teachers. During the history of the department 16 dissertations were defended by the employees, 12 monographs were issued, 10 patents for invention, more than 100 certificates for rationalization proposals were received. Scientific achievements of employees are used in the education of students.
Scientific results of the employees of the department are reported and discussed at numerous scientific conferences. For 2014-2018, the employees of the department have published 362 scientific works, including 120 theses, 155 articles in digests, 87 articles in scientific journals, 10 monographs, and 43 certificates for rationalization proposals. The results of scientific research are being introduced into practice, into the educational and scientific process.
The student scientific work is wide and active at the department. During from 2010 to 2018 period students published 360 scientific works, 95 reports were introduced at the student scientific conferences including international, over the last 5 years about 10 students became winners of the Republican competition of the student scientific works. The teachers received grants from the FFI of the Republic of Belarus for the performance of scientific work. Currently, a scientific grant FFI-Nauka RB "New morphofunctional diagnostic markers of neurons of phylogenetically different parts of the cerebral cortex of cerebral cortex in conditions of experimental ischemia" is being carried out (supervisor - Bon E.I.).

Employees of the department take an active part in the sports and cultural life of the university. In 2016-2017, the department employees took the second place through all departments in the university sport competition "The Health".

The department is engaged in ideological and educational work, actively participates in the events helding by the University, annually the staff are curators of student groups.