Campus and city

The University pays much attention to students’ sports activities. It is organized at the Department of Physical Training and Sport. The sport club “Medic” coordinates all the sports activities of the University.

The University has good sports facilities: two large gyms, wrestling training room, running track.

The main sports activities are volleyball, basketball, football, mini-football, athletics, draughts, chess, swimming, eurhythmics, judo, badminton, table tennis, arm wrestling, power lifting, kettlebell lifting, and bodybuilding.

Sports teams of the University participate in different regional and republic sport competitions and obtain remarkable results.

The training process is organized by the qualified staff, among them: S.F. Sudak - Master of Sports in athletics, a world record breaker; N.V. Lunkina – the World Champion on poliathlon among veterans, the Referee of the Highest Qualification, the prize-winner of USSR championships; P.P. Kachnovich – the prize-winner of USSR race walking championships.