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The Sleeve Insignia of the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine of the Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” was adopted by the Defence Minister of the Republic of Belarus.

Description of the Sleeve Insignia

On the black Spanish shield with double yellow bordering is the emblem of Grodno City, two crossed yellow swords pointing up over the Caduceus and an opened white book below. Above is a convex band with the inscription “Grodno State Medical University” (in Belarusian). Below is the inscription “Military Department” (in Belarusian).

Designer: A. A. Schpunt.

The Insignia was improved at the meeting of the Heraldic Council of the Defence Ministry of the Republic of Belarus (meeting minutes № 1, March 22, 2013).

The Insignia is included into the Heraldic Register of the Armed Forces of Belarus (№ VII/220, April 13, 2013).