University Structure Departments Department of Pediatric Surgery

Department of Pediatric surgery organized on Оctober, 1985 with Pediatric Faculty.

It is located in: Grodno, Ostrovsky str., 22, Grodno Regional Children Clinical Hospital.

Department of Pediatrics, Pediatric Faculty (2nd Department of childhood Illnesses from 2012) was organized in 1985, in connection with the opening of the pediatric faculty in 1981. Since this time department is issuer.

The first head of the department was MD, Professor Matskevich B.I., from 2007 yr till the present time - MD, Professor Kovalchuk Viktar Ivanavich.

Teachers of the department from the opening to the present moment are: Matskevich B.I (from 1983), Voiteshovskiy G.I. (from 1970), Gubar V.V. (from 1983), Kovalchuk V.I. (from 1989), Iodkovskiy K.M. (from 1980), Vakulchik V.G. (from 1983), Sheybak V.M. (from 1991), Novosad V.V. (from 2006), Glutkin A.V. (from 2010), Danilik V.K. (from 2013), Lutik V.A. (from 2015), Salkevich E.Y. (from 2017), Rogylskiy A.G. (from 2018).