The priority areas for research at the department are:

  • resolving problems in military education of the students;
  • publishing of textbooks and manuals and their introduction into educational process;
  • carrying out military historical and patriotic work with the students

Efforts are being made to train highly qualified academic staff.

There have been defended 3 PhD theses at the Department:

  • Disturbances in the postnatal period of albino rats caused by injecting carbophosum during pregnancy (V. M. Ivashin, 1990);
  • The role of NO-dependent mechanisms and oxygen binding properties of blood in the development of oxidative stress induced by lipopolysaccaride (A. N. Glebov, 2005);
  • Experimental validation of the construction of the ossiculoplasty  prosthesis made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (U. Novasialetski, 2015)

At present the researchers of the department are carrying out the following investigations:

  • Participation of oxygen transfer function of blood and free radical lipid peroxidation in increasing adaptation resource to physical exertion (I. N. Poluyan);
  • Dynamics of nutritional status and iron metabolism parameters in military recruits during their adaptation to military service conditions (I. N. Knyazev)