University Structure Departments Department of Pathological Anatomy

Research work of the department is devoted to various sections of pathology of the person and directed to the solution of important scientific and practical tasks. The greatest attention was paid to diseases of pancreatic and thyroid glands, pathology of an organ of vision in the perinatal period and to the kliniko-anatomic analysis of medical errors. In recent years, the patho-morphology of liver diseases and oncomorphology have become the main scientific directions of the department.

In accordance with the plan, the staff of the department perform research work on the topics:

  • "Structure, morphogenesis, verification methods and morphological assessment of the prognosis of the most important human tumors",
  • "Pathogenesis, clinic, treatment and prevention of eco-dependent pathology in modern conditions" (2006-2010),
  • "Development and implementation of methods for diagnosing, predicting outcomes and improving the treatment of HIV infection and liver diseases of various origins" (Department of Infectious Diseases 2008-2012),
  • “Assessment of the diagnostic and prognostic significance of immune response factors in dishormonal conditions, inflammatory and neoplastic processes” (2011-2015),
  • "New technologies in the treatment of diseases of the hepato-pancreatoduodenal zone" (2008-2012)

All staff of the department is involved in research work. The results of scientific research are published in national and foreign literature and  are entered into practice. More than 900 scientific works, including 9 monographs are published. Teachers of department made scientific reports at international and Republican congresses, plenums of scientific organization, medical conferences and seminars. Staff of department defended 3 doctoral dissertations:

  1. Prof. Boyko Y.G. "About a role of vascular frustration in pancreas pathology" (1964),
  2. Prof. Silyaevoy N. F. "Patomorfology of  vision organ in the perinatal period" (1990),
  3. Prof. Basinsky V. A. "Pathomorphism of pathology of a thyroid gland at residents of the Grodno region (Belarus)", (2000)

and 7 PhD theses:

  1. Abakumov V.Z. "The morphology of experimental chronic pneumonia" (1978),
  2. Bandazhevsky Yu.I. "The embryolethal and teratogenic effects of oxythiamine" (1983),
  3. Kurayshevich D.V. "Functional morphology of the insulyar device at a hypoxia and hyperglycemia" (1983),
  4. N.I. Prokopchik "Pathomorphologic and morphometric characteristic of a pancreas at various operative measures" (1984),
  5. Basinsky V. A. "Morfofunktional characteristic of a thyroid gland of residents of the Grodno region" (1985),
  6. Grib A.K. "Morphological characteristic and predictive value of stromal and vascular components of a prostate cancer" (2007),
  7. Shulga A.V. "Morphological assessment of the forecast of ovarian cancer", 2010).