University Structure Academic departments Department of Oncology

The Department currently provides teaching of the academic disciplines for the 5th and 6th year students of the Faculty of General Medicine, the Faculty of Pediatrics, the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics, the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine and the Medical Faculty for International Students.  Five-hour classes are held for 5th year students, seven-hour classes for 6th year students. The final form of control is credit, differentiated credit, and exam. A senior lecturer of the Department of Oncology, Karput I.A. is responsible for the organization of the educational process. A senior lecturer - Y. Lagoon is responsible for the work of Students’ Scientific Society at the Department of Oncology. The Department provides training of clinical residents (full-time and extramural form of studies) in specialties “Oncology”, “Oncologist-Surgeon”. Advanced training is carried out on the program “General medical practice” and "Modern methods for the diagnosis of precancerous and tumor diseases" for general practitioners, therapeutists, and oncologists.