International Affairs Department

General points

The International Affairs Department is an independent structural unit of the Grodno State Medical University and reports directly to the rector and vice-rector for research.

The Department of International Affairs in its activities is guided by the Charter of the University, the collective agreement, orders and instructions letters of the Ministries of Education and Health on international activities, orders and regulations of the rector of the University.

The structure and staff of International Affairs Department is approved, reorganized and liquidated by the order of the rector, taking into account the tasks facing the university.

The department is headed by the head, which is appointed and dismissed by the rector of the university.

The division of responsibilities between the employees of the department is carried out by the head in accordance with the job descriptions and regulations on the Department of International Affairs.


Main goals

The International Affairs Department coordinates the international research activities of the departments of the Medical University.

The Department establishes mutually beneficial contacts with international organizations, institutions, associations and unions.

The Department also advertises the university on the foreign market of medical educational services.

And The Department of International Affairs promotes the improvement of the training level of the teaching staff and the improvement of the education quality of medical students through the effective use of opportunities for international cooperation.



The Department provides advisory assistance to university staff in coordinating trips abroad with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, as well as other issues related to the preparation of travel documents.

Timely informs university staff about current educational programs and other ways to improve their qualifications abroad.

The Department of International Affairs engages advertising agents to work in order to increase the flow of foreign students to the university.

Develops and modernizes information booklets about the university in Russian and English.

The International Affairs Department also corresponds with foreign partners and participates in the development of the information content of the University website, in Russian and English versions.