University Structure Departments

Department of Pharmacology

address: 230023, Grodno, Bolshaja Trotskaja str., 4

telephone: + 375-152-62-17-25


Head of the Department - Assoc. Prof. Kozlovski, Valeri Ivanovich

The Department of Pharmacology provides teaching of the following disciplines:

1) Pharmacology for students of the Faculty of General Medicine, the Medical Faculty for International Students, the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics, the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine.

2) Pharmacology and Pharmacy for students of the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics (Nursing).

The Department provides training of post-graduates (Postgraduate Master’s degree students and Doctoral degree students).

3 Doctoral and 19 Candidates’ theses have been defended by the academic staff of the Department. 

The research interests of The Department of Pharmacology are "Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties of new piperidine derivatives with substitutions in the 1st and 4th positions" (2019 – 2021).