University Structure Departments Department of Public Health and Health Services

Ideological and Educational activities

Ideological and educational work at the department is carried out in accordance with the plan approved at a meeting of the department and agreed with the department of educational work with youth of the university.

Responsible for organizing ideological and educational work - senior teacher Oleg Vladimirovich Chechkov

The purpose of ideological and educational work at the Department of Public Health and Healthcare:

Raising a socially adapted, diversified and morally mature, highly professional creative personality. Instilling in students feelings of patriotism, national pride and respect for the cultural and historical values of our country, creating a healthy lifestyle among students and university staff.

The main directions of ideological and educational work carried out at the department:

  • Conducting informational and educational hours with students
  • Supervising activities with students
  • Research activities
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  • Formation of professional skills:
  • Speaking in the media.
  • Participation in public sports events of the university.


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