University Structure Departments Department of Medical Biology and General Genetics

The Department of Medical Biology and Genetics provides training in Medical Biology, Genetics and Medical Parasitology for students of Faculty of General MedicineMedical Faculty for International StudentsFaculty of Medical DiagnosticsFaculty of Mental Health Medicine.

Medical biology and general genetics is a natural science discipline, which is characterized by rapid growth of fundamental and applied knowledge. The main objective of this program is to develop students’ analytical skills of using certain information and methods of obtaining new knowledge. The program is focused on integration of the all-biological knowledge received by students at school, its updating and further deepening in order to resolve the main task – to achieve a certain level of biological erudition providing formation of educational, communicative, research, cultural, etc. abilities, as well as competence in the sphere of independent educational activity.

The programme presupposes instruction in the accordance with the approved Educational standards and Standard training program in the speciality 1-79 01 01 «General medicine». The main topics are biology of an adult organism, hereditary and congenital pathology in adults, parasitic diseases typical for adults, methods of their diagnostics and prevention; selection of relevant examples, situational tasks and illustrations.

According to 1st-year student's Syllabus of Faculty of General MedicineMedical Faculty for International Students, and Faculty of Mental Health Medicine have an exam and 1st-year students of Faculty of Medical Diagnostics have test at the end of the course.

Exam is composed of four parts:

·               pre-exam computer test

·               oral examination

·               definition and description of micro- and macropreparations

·               solution of situational tasks


Student conduct regulations at the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics

Students should:

  1. maintain discipline and follow safety rules at the department,
  2. be appropriately dressed - a gown and shoes should be clean, tidy; no coats, jackets, and outdoor-wear garments may be worn during a class;
  3. treat property and the equipment carefully;
  4. have pencils, ruler, eraser and workbook which are necessary for work on laboratory research. The special uniforms (lab coats) are required at our department. Without the workbook and uniform students will not be admitted to classes; no jackets and outdoor clothing are allowed at classes; group monitors must appoint a person on duty in class and be responsible for the order in the group. A student on-duty is expected to prepare the blackboard for the class and clean it afterwards.
  5. not missed classes except for excusable reasons, such as illness, accidents, or participation in officially approved university activities.

The students who have missed classes have to present a permit note from the dean`s office and have to come to the tutorial. Without a permit note students cannot be admitted to the next class. In case of excused absences, students will be expected and allowed to make up missed work in a reasonable amount of time. The instructor will decide when make-up work is going to be. In case of an unexcused absence, students make up the full class (120 minutes). Tutorials are held every week according to the timetable.