University Structure Departments

Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry

/files/image/cafedry/obshei-bioorganicheskoi-himii/logo.jpgAddress: 230009, Grodno, ul. Gorky, 80

Phones: + 375-152-44-68-33


The head of the department is Viktor V. Boltromeyuk


The main activities of the department of general and bioorganic chemistry are educational, methodical and scientific.

The purpose of the chemistry is:

1. to ensure the students' conscious assimilation of the most important chemical laws, theories, concepts, and methods of chemical science;

2. to form a scientific worldview and understanding of the fact that chemical education as an indispensable element of culture is necessary for everyone;

3. to cultivate diligence, morality, interest in science, respect for nature, understanding the priority of human values;

4. to develop the thinking of students, their independence and creative activity, to teach various types of educational activities.