History of the department

• 1962 - Department of Pediatrics, Medical Faculty
• 1985 - Department of Pediatrics, Pediatric Faculty
• 2002 - Department of Pediatrics No. 2
• 2012 - the 2nd Department of Children's Diseases
Department of Pediatrics organized on August 1, 1962.
It is located in five clinical departments:
Grodno, Ostrovsky str., 22,  Grodno Regional Children Clinical Hospital;
Grodno, Maxim Gorky str., 77, Grodno Regional Clinical Perinatal Center;
Grodno, Leninsky Komsomol str., 57, Grodno Regional Infectious Clinical Hospital;
Grodno, Soviet Pogranichnikov str., 115, City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care in Grodno;
Grodno, Dovator str., 23, Grodno Children polyclinic № 1.

Department of Pediatrics, Pediatric Faculty (2nd Department of childhood Illnesses from 2012) was organized in 1985, in connection with the opening of the pediatric faculty in 1981. Since this time department is issuer.
The first head of the department was MD, Professor M.P. Sheibak, then it was led by Ph.D., associate professor K.U. Vilchuk (now he is Director of the National Scientific and Technical Center "Mother and Child"), Ph.D., Associate Professor N.I. Khlebovets, from 2006 yr till the present time - MD, Professor N.S. Paramonova.
Teachers of the department from the opening to the present moment are: A.N. Berdovskaya (from 2004), P.G. Bedin (from 2018), K.U. Vilchuk (1982-2004), M.P. Volkova (from 1984), O.A. Volkova (from 2008), P.R. Gorbachevsky (from 2008), L.N. Gurina (from 2001), V.A. ZHemyotyak (from 1981), E.K. Kapitonova (1978-1993), A.A. Karchevsky (from 2007), E.A. Koniuch (from 2001), Т.А. Lashkovskaya (from 1983), N.A. Maximovich (1991-2011), V.S. Malanova (1973 - 2008), T.V. Matsyuk (from 1991), I.G. Meshcheryakova (1991-1995), A.M. Mironchik (from 2016), M.G. Myslivets (from 2013), A.I. Paltseva (from 1980), N.S. Paramonova (from 1978), T.S. Protasevich (from 2010), Russu M.V. (from 2018), L.N. Sinitsa (from 2012), Tolkina V.Y. (from 2018), O.F. Kharchenko (from 1987), N.I. Khlebovets (from 1971), R.N. Hoha (from 1985), L.N. Sheybak (from 1988), M.P. Sheybak (1962-2001), N.I. Yankovskaya (from 1984).