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The Department offers a course “Emergency and disaster medicine” to 3rd and 4th year students of the General Medicine, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Medical Diagnostics faculties and the Medical Faculty for International Students.

Having completed the course students must know:

  • medical tactical characteristics of man-made and natural disasters;
  • basics of medical evacuation of injured in emergencies;
  • general principles and techniques of first aid in traumas, poisonings and critical conditions;
  • means of protection against radiation and chemical weapons damage;
  • pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of poisonous and highly toxic substances injuries.

Students must also be able to:

  • organize activities in triage and first aid for injured at the pre-hospital stage;
  • use collective and individual protective equipment;
  • assess medical situation in case of emergency;
  • use individual respiratory and skin protective gear;

The duration of the course is 156 academic hours.