University Structure Academic departments Department of Polyclinic Pediatrics

Important directions of the department's work are medical consultations and diagnostic work in children's clinics. The main clinical base of the department is the «Grodno City Main Outpatient Pediatric Clinic» (23 Dovator St., 123/1 Dzerzhinsky St.), an additional base is the branch of the «DCGKP Grodno» (18 Gagarin St., 45 Liza Chaikina St.) and «Emergency Hospital» (Physiological and Observational Department of Newborns).

State Healthcare Institution «Grodno City Main Outpatient Pediatric Clinic» is a multidisciplinary medical institution equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment that provides medical care to children aged 0 to 17 years old living in the city of Grodno.

The following specialties are represented:

N. Tomchik – children's cardio-rheumatology;

L. Sheybak – neonatology;

A. Karchevsky – pediatric gastroenterology;

T. Lashkovskaya – children's cardio-rheumatology;

V. Matusevich – children's allergology;

V. Mulyarchik – pediatric pulmonology;

K. Semashko – pediatrics;

E. Koronchik – pediatrics;

A. Novitskaya - pediatrics.


Two employees hold the certification of the Highest category, three – of the 1st category, three-of the 2nd category and N.Tomchik has qualified for the 1st category certification in functional diagnostics.

The highest qualification category in pediatrics is 2 employees, the first - 3, the second - 3. N. Tomchik has 1 qualification category in functional diagnostics.

Teaching staff regularly collaborates with academic consulting center in providing medical consultations to the patients of Grodno and Brest regions on the basis of EE GRSMU. Outpatient and emergency medical consulting services are available.

The teaching staff regularly consults patients at the professorial advisory center of the EE «GrSMU» according to the work schedule. Employees of the department provide on-site organizational, methodological and medical and advisory assistance in a planned and emergency manner in the assigned healthcare organizations of the Grodno and Brest regions.


Two employees of the department serve as medical experts Grodno Regional Executive Committee:

N. Tomchik, Ph.D., Docent

Chief Specialist in Functional Diagnostics in Pediatrics

Karchevsky, Docent

Chief External Specialist in Pediatric Gastroenterology