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International Olympiad in Russian for International Students

was held from October 20 up to December 8, organized by Astrakhan State Medical University (Russia).

The Olympiad was held in a remote format and consisted of three stages:

1. Preparing video presentations including story about oneself, one’s country (preliminaries) (21.10.2022 – 27.10.2022),

2. Writing essays on a given topic (10.11.2022 – 20.11.2022),

3. Final stage was held online (a quiz on Russian history, literature, geography, culture, traditions and customs; ready-made monologue on a given topic (08.12.2022).

The total number of 113 participants from 22 educational institutions in Russia and CIS countries took part in the Olympiad, 55 participants proceeded into the second stage, 30 participants reached the final.

Grodno State Medical University was represented by 4 students of 2nd academic year from Medical Faculty for International Students with English medium of studies: Hana Hamdi, Hanaan Mohamed, Collins Godsfavor, Radjasegaren Shalni (guided by Sentyabova A.V.).

HANA HAMDI reached the final and represented our faculty with dignity.

We are proud of our students!

The Department of the Russian and Belarusian Languages

and Dean’s Office of Medical Faculty for International Students

Grodno State Medical University hosted the XXII Republican Student Conference “Language. Society. Medicine” with international participation on November, 24 organized by the Department of the Russian and Belarusian Languages.

The conference took place in the face-to-face (both offline and online) in absentia forms. Students Education Stages I and II of the following higher education institutions participated in it:

- 8 higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus (Grodno State Medical University, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus State Economic University, Baranavichy State University,  Belarusian State Agricultural Academy, Brest State A. Pushkin University, Minsk State Linguistic University);

- 4 higher education institutions of the Russian Federation (Kursk State Medical University, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and Voronezh State Medical University named after N. N. Burdenko).

The total number of participants was 196, 92 participants gave a presentation.

The students of Medical Faculty for International Students, as always, actively participated in the conference. They prepared 118 presentations, 64 students gave a presentation. International students spoke in Russian on the issues of intercultural verbal communication and their adaptation in the Republic of Belarus, tradition and modernity, language and culture of their home countries, compared them with the realities of the other countries.

The following students of Medical Faculty for International Students were awarded a conference Diploma:

Degree I Diplomas

1. Walpola Kankanamalage Thilini Udarika

2. Wickramanatha Idam Gedara Sandakelum

3. Dheema Mohamed

4. Rupasinghe Dulki Semini

5. Samaraweera Umaya

6. Surani Yashkumar Dineshbhai

7. Fathimath Maeeshath Mohamed


Degree II Diplomas

1. Ahamioje Omosenobua Precious

2. Hettiaratchi Bianca Aroshani

3. Mohamed Aslam Fathima Atheefa

4. Hana Hamdhee, Hanaan Mohamed Nizar

5. Iba Shareef

6. LenagalaTahani Amaya

7. Lokuwaththage  Sasindu Pramod Perera


Degree III Diplomas

1. Collins Godsfavour Ugochi, Alao David Toluwanimi

2. Maha Ibrahim Mohamed

3. Mohamed Aslam Fathima Hasnaa

4. Mohamed Munafer Fathima Shahika

5. Mochawrab Mohamad Ibrahim

6. Muganza Jonathan Mabruki

7. Syrlybekuly Syrym