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Hello everyone.

I am Gandhi Krisha Kishorkumar, a graduated student from Grodno State Medical University. It brings me great joy to be able to share my thoughts and experience in the university. Our university stands out for its academic excellence, distinguished faculty, and commitment to research and innovation in the medical field. I myself am a witness of the tremendous support, the Dean and the faculty have shown in encouraging students in developing themselves in academic and extracurricular activities. Many of the professors and lecturers are leaders in their respective fields, with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with their students. The faculty's commitment to teaching and mentorship is evident in the personalized attention students receive, fostering an environment of learning and professional growth. It is commendable how despite English not being the first language of the teachers, they try so hard to teach us in unique ways and work harder than us. The classes are being held in hospitals which makes us more adapting to our future work environment and gives us a valuable insight. The focus on practical training, along with international exposure, prepares us exceptionally well for our future careers in healthcare. I will always be proud of my decision of choosing this university.





 Faculties Professors & Teachers

I,  Dr. Umesh Gurjar from India, completed my graduation from GrSMU (Grodno, Republic of Belarus) in 2010.

6 vast years I have spent in GrSMU, Grodno, Belarus was not just wonderful but the most memorable years of my life.

All foreigners had lots of friends for a lifetime time there, but for me the most important thing I found is valuable knowledge because not only I clear my FMGE, but also cleared NEET PG, USMLE, PLAB, and other exams along with 128 courses.

For the last 5 Years thank to deep, core, and detailed knowledge I gained from GrSMU I have two of my own Multispecialty Hospitals which help thousands of people every year to get them recover from their diseases.

For Me, GrSMU is Alma Mater and Grodno, Belarus is the second home.

All the faculties, professors, teachers, and my friends are now family to me.

Just want to say from the very bottom of my heart:

Love You And Thank You!

Studying at Grodno State Medical University has been an incredible journey. The dedication of the professors to our academic success is truly commendable. They not only teach but inspire us to push our boundaries and excel. GrSMU doesn’t just focus on education; it also prioritizes students’ mental health by offering numerous extracurricular activities that we can participate in after study hours. It’s a privilege to be part of a community that values both our education and our personal growth. I’m immensely grateful for the supportive and enriching environment Grodno State Medical University provided.
 - Mariyam Shina Hussain, 2023 -