University Structure Departments The Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology Ophthalmology

The clinical base of the Department of Ophthalmology is the Eye Microsurgery Department (65 beds) with the Operating Unit, the Regional Advisory Ophthalmology Center, the Laser Eye Microsurgery Unit of the Health Institution “Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital”.

In the Department of Microsurgery of the Eye, patients are provided with both planned and emergency ophthalmologic care. In the Operating Unit, every year, about 3000 surgical interventions including such modern techniques as cataract surgery (ultrasonic phacoemulsification) under local anesthesia with implantation of multifocal, monofocal and toric intraocular flexible lenses are performed. The Department also conducts surgery of refractory glaucoma (the implantation of drainage devices of the type AHMED, Express); treatment of age-related macular degeneration, thrombosis of the сentral retinal vein, diabetic macular edema using anti-VEGF therapy; therapeutic keratoplasty using amniotic membrane is performed for injuries, burns, severe forms of keratitis; scleroplasty in progressive myopia in children; operations for glaucoma, injuries, strabismus, myopia, pathology of the eyelids and lacrimal organs; closed vitrectomy 25 Ga in the pathology of the vitreous body. 

The Eye Microsurgery Department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment: anterior and posterior optical coherent tomographs, a non-mydriatic fundus camera with video fixation, an ultrasound machine, an IOL-master for performing ophthalmometry and keratorefractometry, an automatic static computer perimeter.


In the Department of Laser Microsurgery of the Eye, trabeculoplasty, peripheral iridectomy, retinal laser coagulation, laser discision of the secondary film cataract are performed.


A wide range of ophthalmologic assistance and diagnostic capabilities allow for the educational process for students of all faculties at the modern level.

The main consultant of the Department of Eye Microsurgery is S.N. Ilyina, D.Sc. (Medicine).                                  

Therapeutic work in the Department of Eye Microsurgery is performed by senior teachers of the Department: Z.M. Krinets, N.G. Solodovnikova, assistant lecturers T.S. Vrublevskaya, V.V. Romanchuk.