The Department of Phthisiopulmonology was established in 1961 as Tuberculosis Course at the Department of Introduction to Internal Medicine. Since 1961 the name for the Department has changed several times:

  • 1961 – Tuberculosis Course of the Department of Faculty Therapy
  • 1969 – Phthisiatrics Course
  • 1988 – Phthisiatrics Course of the Department of Infectious Diseases
  • 1990 – Department of Phthisiatrics
  • 2002 – Department of Phthisiatrics with Occupational Pathology Course
  • 2011 – Department of Phthisiopulmonology

The Heads of the Department:

  • from 1961 to 2002 – I. S. Gelberg
  • from 2002 to March, 2013 – S. B. Volf
  • from March, 2013 to date – E. N. Alexo

The former academic staff: S. L. Romanyuk, M. M. Zharovina, F. K. Tsishkevich, N. I. Alexo, V. S. Avlasenko, N. I. Vrublevskaya, D. V. Shevchuk, L. N. Zenkov, E. V. Chalaya, N. V. Naumova.

The first Building of the Department was in 3 Sverdlova Street. Now the Department is located:

  • Health Care Institution “Grodno Region Clinical Center of Phthisiatrics”, Grodno, 55 BLK;
  • City Health Care Institution “City Polyclinic No.1”, Grodno, 13 Lermontova St;
  •  Health Care Institution “Grodno Hospital No. 3”, Grodno, 59 BLK;
  • Health Care Institution “Grodno Region Hospital” Block No. 6, Grodno, 52 BLK.