The Department provides higher education training on the discipline "Dermatovenerology" in specialties: “General Medicine” 1-79 01 01, “Pediatrics” 1-79 01 02, “Mental Health” 1-79 01 05, “Medical Diagnostics” 1-79 01 04 and “Nursing” 1-79 01 06. Planning and distribution of educational, medical and research work is carried out in accordance with the standards approved by the orders of the Ministries of Education and Health of the Republic of Belarus and by the orders of the Rector of the University. Teaching of the discipline is carried out according to the curriculum developed on the basis of standard and basic programs, in specialties: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Medical Diagnostics and Nursing.

The entrance to the Department is carried out through the main entrance of the Hospital.
Check-room is located in the lobby of main entrance of the hospital.
We earnestly ask you put your shoe covers on.
Entrance to study rooms and hospital departments ONLY in the medical overall and second pair of shoes!