University Structure Faculties Medical Faculty for International Students

The Association of Graduates of The Medical Faculty for International Students of the educational institution Grodno State Medical University is a voluntary public association.

The aim of the Association is to organize communication between the graduates and the Faculty for International Students.

Any graduate of The Medical Faculty for International Students, including post-graduate students, Master’s degree students, students doing clinical residency in the University, regardless of citizenship, can become members of the Association.

On Facebook and on VKontakte the communities “Graduates Association of the Grodno State Medical University" and "the GRODNO STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY" were created to make it easy for our graduates to communicate and be aware of the events of both the University and the Faculty.

By registering on the site and joining this group, you can:

  1. find your groupmates;
  2. find out news of the Faculty;
  3. send greetings to your favorite teachers;
  4. offer a job or find a job;
  5. share your progress!

To become a member of the Association please contact the coordinator Mishonkova Nadezhda,