University Structure Departments Legal Department

Main activities

  • legal support of the University, participation in solving emerging issues;
  • ensuring the legality of the activities of the University, the protection of its property rights and legitimate interests;
  • ensuring precise observance of work requirements, storage and use of documents;
  • participation in the preparation and implementation of the system of local regulations, in coordination with the rector, involvement of officials and specialists of other departments and structural units;
  • preparation of materials on shortages and embezzlement of funds and inventory to send them to the judicial and investigative authorities;
  • ensuring compliance with the legislation submitted for signature to the rector of the University of draft orders and other normative documents;
  • preparation and introduction of a proposal to change the existing or the abolition of invalid local regulations of the University;
  • implementation of control over compliance with the legislation of local regulations issued by the heads of structural units and divisions, and in case of conflict with their legislation the department makes proposals for their abolition;
  • representation of the interests of the University in the courts, public administration on legal issues;
  • providing methodological guidance of legal work at the University;
  • conducting reference and information work on the legislation with the use of technical means.