University Structure Departments Department of Oncology

Initially, the teaching was carried out on Course of Oncology, which was a part of the Department of Hospital Surgery. On March 5, 1993, on the basis of a Decision of the Academic Council, the Department of Oncology was organized by the order of the Rector No. 24-L-1. In 1998, to optimize the educational process, the Department of Oncology was combined with the Department of Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy and the Department of Oncology with a Course of Radiation diagnostics and Radiation therapy was established. The academic staff of the Department is K.N. Uglyanitsa (1991- present), G.G. Bozhko (1993- present), N.I. Burnejko (1979-1984), N.I. Zhandarov (1985-1993), A.V. Karavaj (2001- present), I.I. Klimovich (1981-1988), K.A. Fomin (1993-1999) and N.M. Yanchevskij (1979-2001). From 2011 till present it is the Department of Oncology.