Campus and city

Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University”

Sports Club “Medik”

tel. 74-31-17, +375 29 868 57 95

University Sports Facilities: Gymnasiums and other sports facilities of the Administration building of the University (Gorkogost, 80), the Biology Building (Vilenskayast, 19) and the Academic Building (Gorkogost, 81).

Sports groups: Volleyball (men), Volleyball (women), Basketball (men), Basketball (women), Body-building, Arm-wrestling, Weight-lifting, Swimming, Table-tennis, Athletics, Chess, Checkers, Judo, Hiking.

Sports groups of the Sports Club“Medik”: Minifootball (men), Basketball (women), General Athletics with Karate Elements.

The main tasks of the Sports Club “Medik”:

  • Joining efforts of the University Administration, the Department of Physical Education and Sports and active participants of the University sports events from different structural units aimed at development of physical education, sports and health activities at the University;
  • arranging sports events at the University;
  • training the students and staff for sports competitions among the sports clubs of Grodno City;
  • selecting the University sports teams’ representatives for taking part in “Universiade” (the Republican UniversitySports Competitions);
  • teaching the students and staff the culture of healthy lifestyle and awareness of health as a great life value;
  • providing students-athletes with necessary living conditions;
  • updating and development of sports facilities and equipment;
  • contributing to the rehabilitation medical service for the students and staff.

The Head of the Sports Club “Medik”
Nikolai Michailovich Virshich