Five National Unions have been established and are functioning now at the Grodno State Medical University. They are Turkmen (Central Asian) National Union, Nigerian (African) National Union, Indian National Union, Sri-Lankan Union, and Maldivians Union.

National Unions deal with educational, legal, housing, cultural, and sports activities.

The aims of the National Unions Council are as follows:

  1. providing informational, moral, and psychological support to foreign students;
  2. developing friendship and cooperation between foreign and Belarusian students of GRSMU;
  3. collaboration with the Embassy or Consulate of a corresponding country in the Republic of Belarus, in Russia or in Ukraine;
  4. help foreign students of the GRSMU adapt to socio-cultural life and studying in Belarus;
  5. prevention of illegal behavior of foreign students;
  6. involvement of foreign students into public and cultural life of GRSMU, the city, and the country;
  7. familiarization with the religious, cultural, historical heritage of Belarus;
  8. direct interaction between the Administration of the University, the Faculty and foreign students concerning training in GRSMU.