University Structure Faculties Medical Faculty for International Students National Unions

They are Multinational Union, Nigerian (African) National Union, Indian National Union, Sri-Lankan Union, and Maldivians Union.


National Unions deal with educational, legal, housing, cultural, and sports activities.

The aims of the National Unions Council are as follows:

  1. providing informational, moral, and psychological support to foreign students;
  2. developing friendship and cooperation between foreign and Belarusian students of GRSMU;
  3. collaboration with the Embassy or Consulate of a corresponding country in the Republic of Belarus, in Russia or in Ukraine;
  4. help foreign students of the GRSMU adapt to socio-cultural life and studying in Belarus;
  5. prevention of illegal behavior of foreign students;
  6. involvement of foreign students into public and cultural life of GRSMU, the city, and the country;
  7. familiarization with the religious, cultural, historical heritage of Belarus;
  8. direct interaction between the Administration of the University, the Faculty and foreign students concerning training in GRSMU.