University Structure Departments Department of Pediatric Surgery

The main direction of the research work of the Department, in which the research staff were carried out, was the development and improvement of methods of prevention and treatment of purulent-septic diseases.

Since 2006, the development of the scientific theme "Optimization of surgical treatment of congenital obstruction of the esophagus, stomach and intestines in children", since 2008 – "testicular pathology in children", since 2010 – "Correction of metabolic and reparative processes in children with thermal skin burns". From 2013 to 2015 the funded project of young scientists of BFFI on "Development of new approaches to correction of thermal burns in children"was carried out. In 2017, we completed the implementation of the research work "Diagnostic criteria for the preparation of a burn wound for autodermoplasty in young children". Since 2018, a new scientific topic "Correction of reparative processes in a burn wound in an experiment" has been started. Always, in parallel with the main theme of the Department, work was carried out in other areas: orthopedics and traumatology, urology, acute diseases of the abdominal cavity, malformations. The results of scientific research of the Department published in more than 650 articles, abstracts, both in domestic and foreign press. Employees of the Department actively participate in scientific conferences, congresses, congresses, both in Belarus and in the CIS countries and abroad.

During the existence of the Department, its staff performed and defended 2 doctoral and 7 master's theses. The monograph of V.I. Kovalchuk "Acute hematogenous osteomyelitis in newborns", 1998, A.V. Glutkin, V.I. Kovalchuk "Thermal skin burns in children of early age (the experience of the experiment and clinic)", 2016. The scientific developments are implemented in clinical and educational processes of the Department, more than 50 rationalization proposals, received 19 patents. Approved Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus 3 instructions for use.

The main directions (for 2018-2020) in the research work are thermal lesions and their consequences in children, diseases of the urinary system.