University Structure Departments Department of Pharmacology

The Department of Pharmacology provides training in Pharmacology for 3rd year students of  Faculty of General Medicine, Medical Faculty for International Students, Faculty of Pediatrics, Faculty of Mental Health Medicine, Faculty of Medical Diagnostics.

Medical Faculty for International Students

The Discipline Pharmacology includes 304 academic hours. The process of education at The Department of Pharmacology lasts for 1st year (during 5th, 6th semesters).

Exam is composed of three parts:

1. Test questions (MCQ);

2. Examination Card includes 4 questions, 3 drugs for prescribing;

2.  Case study.

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate Master’s degree and Doctoral degree education are organized at our department.

Rules and regulations for students
  1. Students are expected to arrive for a class on time.
  2. Each class lasts for 2 hours 30 minutes. There is 1 break for 15 minutes during the class. Students are not allowed to be late for the class after break.