University Structure Departments Department of General Hygiene and Ecology

The main areas of research of the Department are general hygiene issues, occupational health, hygiene of children and adolescents, environmental and radiation medicine, public health and health care.

4 Doctoral (Dr.Sc.) and 11 Ph.D. theses were defended at the department. Training of scientific personnel is carried out during the postgraduate studies, Ph.D. course or in the form of self-study.

Since 2011, an annual peer-reviewed book of scientific articles is published under the title "Modern problems of hygiene, radiation and environmental medicine» (ISSN 2409-3939, Chief Editor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor I.A. Naumov), which is included in the list of the editions of the Highest Attestation Comission of the Republic of Belarus for the publication of results of dissertation research.

Active cooperation is carried out with scientific and educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and other countries.