Clinical work is carried out on the bases of:

  1. EH "Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital"

X-ray department. Consultant - Senior Lecturer Gubar Lyudmila Mitrofanovna. Medical work in the department of performing assistant Semeniuk Tatiana Viktorovna and teacher-trainee Lukoshko Elena Sergeevna.

Radiology department. Consultant - Associate Professor, k.m.s. Ovchinnikov Vladimir Alekseevich.

  1. EH "Grodno Regional Emergency Hospital"

Diagnostic department. Remedial work is carried out by Assistant Nowickaya Vera Sergeevna.

  1. EH “ Grodno Regional Perinatal Center ”

It made 60 deployments in the healthcare practice. This has improved the diagnosis of malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, hemodynamic disorders, coronary heart disease, mitral defects, increase the range of means of protection against ionizing radiation, to improve the results of radiotherapy.