University Structure Departments Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases

Clinical activities of academic staff contains review of medical cards and medical documentations of severe patients, analyzing cases with lethal outcomes and organizing seminars for discussion problem points among medical staff of hospitals. Highly qualified specialists of the department organize clinical conferences and publish recommendations, brochures in different modern issues in internal medicine, deliver lectures to share new medical information with colleagues. Academic staff provides active educational and prophylactic work among population using mass media as well.

1. Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation

Senior consultant of Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation - head of the Department, associate Professor, MD, PhD Pronko T.P.

Consultant of the Pulmonology Department of and Emergency Department - associate Professor, MD, PhD Sokolov K.N.

Consultant of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of patients with Cardiovascular Diseases - associate Professor, MD, PhD Dobrodey M.A.

Doctor of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases - assistant lecture, MD Maksimovich E.N., senior lecturer MD, PhD Poplavskaya E.E.

Doctor of Internal Diseases Department - assistant lecture, MD Karpovich Y.L., assistant lecture, MD Sobolevsky V.A., assistant lecture, MD Kuchura M.G.

Doctor of Pulmonology Department – assistant lecture, MD Alexejuk A.N.

Consultants of the Neurological Department - senior lecturer, MD Cruchko L.H, assistant lecture, MD Levkovich T.V.

Consultants of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of patients with Neurological diseases - senior lecturer, MD Shved J.Z., senior lecturer, MD Taub G.S.

2. Third City Clinical Hospital

Consultant of Cardiology department - associate Professor, MD, PhD Surmach E.M.

Consultant of the Neuropsychiatric Department – senior lecturer, MD Smirnova L.N.

3. 1134th Military Clinical Medical Center of the Armed Forces of the Belarus Republic

Consultant of Internal Diseases, Infectious and Emergency departments -associate Professor, MD, PhD Boltach A.V.

Consultant of Internal Diseases and Neurological Departments – senior lecturer, MD Gorovenko I.I.