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The Department offers a course “Ophthalmology” for 4th-year students of all faculties (in Russian and English).

Teaching is carried out with the use of the most up-to-date teaching technologies. Lectures are delivered with multimedia presentations. Electronic teaching materials in the system “Moodle” have been created to ensure and improve the educational process. A method of test computer control of students' knowledge, situational tasks, a list of practical skills, and methodological recommendations for students and teachers in various sections of ophthalmology have been developed and introduced.


RULES FOR STUDENTS in the Department

Dear students! 

From the first day of the cycle you must have:

  1. Lab coat and full surgical suit (jacket + trousers)
  2. Medical cap or hairnet
  3. Medical mask
  4. Shoe covers
  5. Indoor shoes
  6. Disposable coat to visit the operating unit.