University Structure Departments Department of General Medical Practice & Outpatient Therapy

Scientific research work at the Department is devoted to the study of:

  • the peculiarities of vitamin D metabolism;
  • prophylaxis and pathogenetic aspects of development and treatment of arterial hypertention and ischemic heart disease;
  • the syndrome of senile asthenia and other aspects of diagnostics and therapy of elderly people;
  • the influence of palm oil on the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases

Financed projects on the subject are being implemented at the Department.

Since the Department was established, the researchers have published more than 200 works. Their scientific reports were presented in more than 10 countries of the near and far abroad.

The Department initiated the conclusion of 6 Agreements on cooperation with universities and research institutes of Ukraine and Russia.

At present the work on 2 candidate’s theses is being performed at the Department.