Campus and city

The University gives the opportunity to get a room in University hostels; there is a separate flat-type hostel for foreign students near the main building of GrSMU.

There are 4 student hostels next to the main building of the university. They can accommodate 1840 students. Two of the buildings are of flat type i.e. with attached restroom (bathroom and toilet) and a kitchen. The hostels are centrally heated (air-conditioned). Student hostels are fully furnished. Normally two or three students share one room. There are separate arrangements for both boys and girls. At the dining room foreign students are able to prepare their national food. Foreign TV channels are available as well. The maintenance personnel keeps the students hostels clean on the daily basis and make all the students living in the hostel strictly follow the rules and regulations.

Students’ canteen offers a rich variety of dishes and has a deserving reputation among other canteens of the city. The University canteen was awarded the title of “The Best Trade Object of the Social Catering” (among municipal universities).