To optimize the educational process, the staff of the department developed and published more than 50 books.
From 2003 to 2017 educational manuals were issued with the stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
"NEONATOLOGY (fetal and newbornborn hypoxia)", "Pulmonology", "Gastroenterology", "Selected questions of propaedeutics of children diseases", "The beginning of pediatrics", "Clinical pharmacology", "Fundamentals of childcare".

And also the textbooks with the stamp of the Educational and Methodological Association for the Higher Medical, Pharmaceutical Education of the Republic of Belarus have been published:

"Neonatology (modern aspects of early postnatal adaptation of newborns)", "Questions of propaedeutics and semiotics of children diseases", "Medical manipulation and skills in pediatrics", "Neonatology with medical genetics."

Since 2012, the Council for the Dissertation works Defense has been founded.

Chairman of the Council is the head of the 2nd Department of Childhood Diseases, Professor N.S. Paramonova, and the academic secretary is the associate professor of the same department T.V. Matsyuk.