University Structure Faculties

Specialists are trained in

  • “Medical Diagnostics” (term of study – 5 years, full-time studies, qualification – “Physician”).
  • “Nursing” (term of study – 4 years, extramural studies, qualification “Graduate Nurse”)

Graduates specialized in 1-79 01 06 “Nursing” can work as: head of nursing hospital; head of health unit or medical and obstetric center; head nurse; chief  department nurse; lecturer of special medical discipline and methodologist of medical college; chief laboratory assistants of scientific laboratories and clinical departments of higher medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions.

Graduates specialized in 1-79 01 04 “Medical Diagnostics” can work as: radiologist (radiotherapist and CAT radiologist), ultrasound specialist, functional diagnostics specialist, laboratory diagnostics specialist, and after advanced training course – Magnetic Resonance Tomography specialist and Nuclear specialist.

459 diagnosticians were graduated over the period of 10 years, of them 26 with Honors, 2 students received Grant of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the support of the talented youth.