University Structure Departments Department of Medical Biology and Genetics

The Department of Biology of the Medical Faculty was established at the Grodno State Medical Institute in 1959. The first Head of the Department was V.S. Nikitin, Assoc. Prof.

On September 1, 2012 the Department was renamed into the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics.

Academic staff in different years: V.S. Nikitin (1958-1976), M.D. Safronova (1965-1997), VA. Orekhova (1966-2002), V.P. Andreyev (1969- present), E.A. Shelesnaya (1972- present), T.Yu. Drobova (1973- present), A.A. Ostrovsky (1980-2014), V.O. Shatrova (1985- present), O.I. Leve (1988- present), Yu.G. Ambrushkevich (1989- present), A.M. Kisel (1999-2016), I. Ch. Akstilovich (2006- 2023), O.A. Drichits (Dudoladova) (2006- present), L.S. Kizyukevich (2008- present), E.V. Mantsevich (2023-present)

 From the first days heads of the department were:

1958-1976 – V.S. Nikitin, PhD, Assoc. Prof.,

1976-2008 – V.P. Andreyev, PhD, Prof.,

 since 2008 – L.S. Kizyukevich,  PhD, Assoc. Prof.