University Structure Departments Department of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine

The purposes of educational and ideological work at the department:

  • creating favorable conditions for personal and professional development of students;
  • forming professional and common cultural competences;
  • providing assistance in education of the identity of the student having such basic qualities as spirituality, morality, patriotism, civic consciousness, diligence, responsibility, organization, independence, initiative, discipline, ability to creative self-expression, commitment to a healthy lifestyle and cultural values.

Proceeding from a goal, the main objectives of educational work at the department are:

  • creation of the comfortable conditions promoting the formation of common cultural and professional competences of students;
  • rendering help in self-education, self-realization, development of broad social and professional experience to students;
  • education of high spiritual and moral qualities and standards of behavior, the positive attitude towards traditional family values;
  • forming patriotic consciousness and active civic stand;
  • increase in the general cultural level and culture of behavior, speech and communication;
  • forming motivation and skills of a healthy lifestyle;
  • carrying out complex of preventive actions for prevention of drug addiction, tobacco smoking, consumption of alcohol and other addictions;
  • creation of conditions for development of student's initiatives and implementation of various student's projects;
  • ensuring psychological support of students of higher education institution;
  • constant improvement of educational and ideological work with student's youth;
  • participation inside - and interuniversity actions in the sphere of educational and ideological activity.

The main activities of educational work at the department:

  • Ideological and civil and patriotic education.
  • Forming skills of professional activity.
  • Forming gender culture, culture of the family relations, household culture.
  • Moral education.
  • Legal education, prevention of illegal and asocial behavior.
  • Forming culture of a healthy lifestyle and ecology.
  • Social and pedagogical and psychological support of students in personal, professional, social formation. Education of culture of self-knowledge and self-control of the personality.
  • Information support of ideological and educational work

Responsible for educational work - M.V. Kalesnik