University Structure Departments Department of Radiodiagnostics

At the department of radiation diagnosis and radiotherapy ideological and educational work is carried out by Semeniuk Tatiana, the senior lecturer of the department, is in charge of its implementation.

Work is carried out in accordance with the plan of ideological and educational work of the department in the 2020/2021 academic year, approved at faculty meeting.

In accordance with this plan at the department of radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy are conducted informational hours with students on different subjects.

The main goals and objectives of the ideological and educational work in the department:

  • the formation of human values: civil, national, universal, individually significant;
  • development of professional culture;
  • building relationships to the homeland, family, society, to other people, to himself;

Forms of ideological and educational work in the department:

  1. Awareness and educational hours with the students;
  2. Supervision groups;

Consideration of issues of ideological and educational work at faculty meetings.

Curators of the department:

Sarosek Victoria Georgievna - curator of 1st year students of the Faculty of Foreign Students.