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Latin Language course

The main aim of the Latin Language is to form the fundamentals of terminological competence of health professional capable of using medical terms of Greek and Latin origin both in English and Latin spelling while studying clinical disciplines as well as in practice and their research work.

General learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the students are supposed

to know:

·       the basics of Latin Grammar sufficient for the usage of medical terms of Greek and Latin origin;

·       grammatical and lexical word-building elements of anatomical, pharmaceutical and clinical terminology;

·       characteristic features of terms used in anatomical, pharmaceutical and clinical terminology;

·       at least 600-750 Latin words and 120 combining forms;

to be able to:

·       pronounce  and stress Latin words and word combinations correctly;

·       understand and translate without a dictionary both from Latin into English and from English into Latin ;

·       use Latin grammar to the extent necessary to understand and build up medical terms as well as for prescription-writing;

·       apply the received knowledge in practical setting.