University Structure Departments Department of Medical Biology and Genetics Educational activities

Requirements to knowledge and practical skills

In the field of medical biology and the general genetics the Specialist should:

Have a notion about:

- scientific biological picture of the world, relationships between living organisms; about evolution and reasons for species diversity;

- biology of the cell, peculiarities of its structure, organization of flow of matter, energy and information in the cell;

- main laws of heredity and variability of organisms;

Be able to:

- analyze, comprehend critically and use information on living organisms, use biological terminology and symbols confidently;

- analyze normal and modified human karyotypes, solve situational problems on Mendel's laws, genetic linkage and interaction, on molecular genetics and parasitology, count frequencies of genes in human populations on the basis of the Hard-Weinberg`s equilibrium;

- make and analyze family trees of the person, to establish type of inheritance and to draw the conclusion about probability of the birth of a sick child;

- diagnose activators and carriers of parasitic diseases causative agents of humans;

- prove measures of personal and public prevention from parasitic diseases of humans;

Have skills:

- of microscopic equipment use ;

- of preparation of temporary preparations;

- of reading of mute microslides on parasitology;

- of activators and carriers of parasitic diseases definition ;

- of definition of helminthes eggs specific belonging;

- of X- chromatin detection  in humans’ somatic cells .