International students study at the Medical Faculty of General Medicine

The training period covers 6 years.

In case of successful completion of the whole course of study the graduates are granted the International Diploma and awarded the title «Doctor of Medicine».

Tuition fees for 2016-2017 academic years:

For the first-sixth year students classes start on September, 1, 2014.

International graduates who have been awarded Diploma of Higher Medical Education may continue the education at the clinical residency and magistracy.

International students are offered accommodation at students’ dormitory. The advanced cost of accommodation is 1 115  (Bel. rubles).

Other expenses:

  • Obligatory Medical Insurance per year – 230 USD
  • ObligatorymedicalCheck-up – 120 USD
  • Registration at the Migration Office – 63 (Bel. rubles) per year, temporary state permit – 21 (Bel. rubles) (90 days)