Information for students and all foreign citizens

I. Information about the Dean’s Office of Educational Institution


Admission to

The Faculty for International Students


(8 0152) 44 68 42 – The Dean Stenko Alexandr Alexandrovich
(8 0152) 44 68 24 – The Vice Dean Gushchyna Liudmila Nikolaevna

Fax: (+375152) 44 68 06,


Address: 80 Gorky street, 230009, Grodno

II. Educational Programs

Foreign students can be trained in the specialty (major) General Medicine both in Russian and English, which corresponds to 6-year M.D. program.

Level of education – higher education (grade or level I)

Basis of education – full-time, paid

The tuition fee for foreign students depends on the language of studies and in 2020-2021 academic year is as follows:

Language of studies Tuition fee (US dollars)
1. Russian

3800 (for 3rd-6th-year students)

3900 (for 2nd-year students)

4000 (for 1st-year students)

2. English

4400 (for 3rd-6th-year students)

4500 (for 2nd-year students)

4600 (for 1st-year students)

This is how you can pay school fees:

The account details for paying outside Belarus are:

Correspondent bank




Beneficiary bank




(the Grodno regional administration  No 400 of JSC “Saving Bank Belarusbank)


Payer’s Identification Number: UNP 500032863

ACCOUNT’S NUMBER: BY34AKBB36329000000834000000


In Belarusian banks:

УО «Гродненский государственный медицинский универститет»

230009, г.Гродно, ул.Горького,80

Расчетный счет:


Гродненское областное управление №400 ОАО «АСБ Беларусбанк»


УНН 500032863

ОКПО 02017499

Language of studies – Russian or English

Duration of studies – 6 years

The beginning of classes – September,1 (for 1st-year students - until October, 15)

The required level of the previous education - a Secondary (High) School Certificate including compulsory study and final results of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. 

The received document on education, degree or qualification is an international Diploma with the qualification as physician and the title Doctor of Medicine. 

III. Information for Foreigners as well as for International Students

3.1 Student’s Life

Students’ life of the Faculty for International students is full of bright and interesting events, such as Students’ Festival of National Cultures, Speech Contest “Cicerone”, “MyMotherland”, Game: "What?Where?When?", participation in the gifts campaign for children on the eve of the New Year celebration; participation in the F.ART.BY National Festival, etc.

Students participate in various scientific conferences and societies, sports competitions. Also a Club for International Friendship “Eureka” is organized at the Faculty.

3.2 National Unions (Associations)

Five National Unions have been established and are functioning now at the Grodno State Medical University. They are Turkmen (Central Asian) National Union, Nigerian (African) National Union, Indian National Union, Sri-Lankan Union, and Maldivians Union.

National Unions deal with educational, legal, housing, cultural, and sports activities.

The aims of the National Unions Council are as follows:

  1. providing informational, moral, and psychological support to foreign students;
  2. developing friendship and cooperation between foreign and Belarusian students of GRSMU;
  3. collaboration with the Embassy or Consulate of a corresponding country in the Republic of Belarus, in Russia or in Ukraine;
  4. help foreign students of the GRSMU adapt to socio-cultural life and studying in Belarus;
  5. prevention of illegal behavior of foreign students;
  6. involvement of foreign students into public and cultural life of GRSMU, the city, and the country;
  7. familiarization with the religious, cultural, historical heritage of Belarus;
  8. direct interaction between the Administration of the University, the Faculty and foreign students concerning training in GRSMU.

3.3 Foreign Students Association

The Association of Graduates of The Medical Faculty for International Students of the educational institution Grodno State Medical University is a voluntary public association.

The aim of the Association is to organize communication between the graduates and the Faculty for International Students.

Any graduate of The Medical Faculty for International Students, including post-graduate students, Master’s degree students, students doing clinical residency in the University, regardless of citizenship, can become members of the Association.

On Facebook and on VKontakte the communities “Graduates Association of the Grodno State Medical University" and "the GRODNO STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY" were created to make it easy for our graduates to communicate and be aware of the events of both the University and the Faculty.

By registering on the site and joining this group, you can:

  1. find your groupmates;
  2. find out news of the Faculty;
  3. send greetings to your favorite teachers;
  4. offer a job or find a job;
  5. share your progress!

To become a member of the Association please contact the coordinator Mishonkova Nadezhda,

3.4 Practical Recommendations:
3.4.1 Admission to the educational institution (visa-free countries)

On the basis of the Admission Rules, citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan are given the opportunity to enter not only on a competitive basis as citizens of the Republic of Belarus (according to the results of the entrance tests in the form of centralized testing), but also on the terms provided for foreign citizens and stateless persons (p.4.4.5). Citizens of the following countries do not need a study visa for admission: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro,Uzbekistan.

3.4.2 Admission to the educational institution (visa countries)

Foreign citizens from countries that are not mentioned above must get a study visa to enter the University.

3.4.3 Before arriving in Belarus:

Foreign citizens who wish to study at the Grodno State Medical University must get an Invitation Letter at the International Affairs Department of the University. The letter will let you open a study visa at the Consular Office of the Republic of Belarus abroad.

The Invitation Letter is issued by the University FREE OF CHARGE! Documents required for registration of the Invitation Letter both for the 1st course and Preparatory Department are as follows:

  • a copy of Education Certificate (document) with marks (scores) obtained in different academic disciplines, with the obligatory presence of the grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics;
  • a notarized translation of the Education Certificate with the indication of the studied subjects and the marks (points) received into Russian or Belarusian;
  • a copy of the passport or another identity document;
  • a notarized translation of a passport or other identity document into Belarusian or Russian, certified by a notary.

You can submit the documents for the registration of the Invitation Letter for 1st year of studies from May up to August!

After receiving the applicant’s documents for studies, the University regards the documents and makes the decision on the possibility of issuing the Invitation Letter. After that, the University sends the ready Invitation Letter to the applicant. A candidate for training is applying for a study visa at the consular office of the Republic of Belarus at the place of their residence. In the absence of a consular office of the Republic of Belarus in your country, a study visa can be issued in the Consular Department of the National Airport of Minsk. It should be mentioned that in this case, the presence of a University employee is obligatory at the airport. Therefore, it is necessary (within a week) to inform in advance the International Affairs Department of GRSMU about the expected date of your entry into the territory of the Republic of Belarus by phone: + 375 152 446812.

3.4.4 Settlement and residence in the hostel

To check into the hostel it is necessary:

  1. to fill in the tenancy agreement (lease agreement) in the hostel (2 copies);
  2. to undergo medical examination;
  3. to pay for residency in a hostel;
  4. to register for temporary residence.

3.4.5 Procedure of foreign citizens admission:

Follow the link Registration

A foreign citizen must register within 3 days from the date of arriving in the Republic of Belarus and reside only at the address registered in the passport at which he / she is registered in the registration authorities.
Citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine can register within 30 days from the date of arrival, Russian citizens – within 90 days from the date of arrival. Accommodation in any other places incurs administrative liability.

Documents required for registration:

  • receipt of payment in the amount of one base value (for initial registration);
  • receipt of payment in the amount of three basevalues (for 1-year registration);
  • notarized translation of a passport;       
  • insurance policy for a period of at least one year (does not refer to the citizens of the Russian Federation, Jordan, Serbia, Bosnia, Argentina, Brazil, Montenegro, Herzegovina, countries of the CIS such as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine);
  • the Hostel Tenancy Agreement (for students who reside in the hostel);
  • the Tenancy Agreement and Form 15 (registration application) (for residents at a private address).

The above documents shall be submitted to the Dean's office of the Faculty for International Students.
The expired registration will cause expulsion from the University and deportation from the Republic of Belarus to a native country at own expense.

3.4.7 Admission process:

When entering the University, foreign citizens are required:

  1. to apply for studying in the name of the Rector;
  2. to submit documents according to the list specified in the Order on Admission of foreign citizens;
  3. to pass entrance tests according to the admission procedure for foreign citizens;
  4. to conclude the Agreement on Education at the Faculty for International Students;
  5. to make payment for the 1st semester of study in accordance with the Agreement;
  6. to make an advance payment for accommodation in a hostel in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement.

Foreign citizens who have fulfilled the above requirements within the prescribed period, by Order of the Rector are enrolled in the 1st year of studies at the Faculty for International Students.