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The Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Grodno State Medical University was established in 1961. The founders of the Department were assistant lecturer V.Ya. Gapanovich and associate professor M.V. Myakinnikov. The first head of the Department was Professor S.S. Grobstein, D.Sc. (Medicine), 1962 - 1963. The priority directions of his scientific activity were diseases of the larynx, issues of tonsillar pathology, diagnosis and treatment of cochleovestibular disorders in atherosclerosis. Since 1964, the Department was headed by Professor M.I. Ovsyannikov, D. Sc. (Medicine). He was the first in the USSR who developed and introduced into practice a method of mastoidoplasty with a connective-woven flap, introduced plastic surgery methods for developmental defects of the auricle, methods of cosmetic and plastic surgery of the nose. He organized the work of the Regional Scientific Society of Otolaryngologists. Associate Professor B.M. Schneider worked on the treatment of diseases of the paranasal sinuses, defended his thesis on the topic: "Diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases of the frontal sinuses using the trepanopuncture method".

In 1986, the Department was headed by Professor V.D. Melanin, D. Sc. (Melanine). For the first time in otorhinolaryngology, an optimal method of preserving and storing tissues in weak formalin solutions was found for subsequent transplantation; effective methods of surgical interventions for traumatic injuries of the ENT organs, benign tumors of the frontal sinuses, mastoiditis, nose deformity, conductive hearing loss with the use of bone and cartilage allo- and xenogenic tissues and implants.

Since 1998, the Department has been headed by Professor O.G. Horov, D. Sc. (Medicine). Maintaining the best traditions of his teacher, Oleg Genrikhovich continues to develop ideas, introduces new methods of diagnosis and treatment. He pays special attention to the surgical rehabilitation of patients with chronic purulent otitis media. O.G.  Horov has developed and implemented a method of computer test control of students' knowledge. He has initiated and, together with his associates, introduced hearing screening in newborns and young children in the Grodno region and Belarus. He was the first in Belarus to perform the implantation of the BAHA bone apparatus, cochlear implantation in the regions of Belarus, Weibrant and Bonbridge.

The Staff of the Department have developed curricula for otorhinolaryngology for students of the Faculty of Mental Health Medicine and the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics, guidelines for students and teachers in various sections of otorhinolaryngology. He was the first at the University and in the Republic to create a prosthesis of the auditory ossicles "UNISLUH". He has developed and implemented the method of hydrovacuumation, the apparatus for hydrovacuum aspiration LORVAK and received registration certificates of the Ministry of Health.