Step 1. Choosing Specialty.

You need to choose an educational program / specialty to study in. Link with current educational programs


Step 2. Submission of documents

1) Filling out the form (Russian language FORM / English language FORM)

2) Medical report on the state of health;

(Medical examination on the Russian language)

 (Medical examination on the English language)

(Medical examination example)

3) A photocopy of passport;

4) A photocopy of the birth certificate;

5) A photocopy of the certificate of full secondary education (! Original of Advanced Level !) with an indication of the studied subjects and the marks (points) obtained on them.

The core subjects: Chemistry, Biology , Physics .

The minimum passing score - С.

6) Certificate of non-criminal record (translated into English or Russian);

Note: The medical examination forms and Form must be downloaded, filled in and signed, scanned, and ALL THE ABOVE DOCUMENTS MUST BE SENT TO E-MAIL ADDRESS MARKED THE ADMISSION.

Step 3. Waiting for a response

After reviewing the submitted documents, the university makes a decision on admission or refusal. In case of a positive review of the documents, the university will notify you within 1 week and prepare an invitation to study.

All you have to do now - wait for a further response.

Step 4.  Registration of an invitation to study

Citizens of visa-free countries must receive an invitation to study for a Belarusian visa. The invitation is issued at the university with a positive decision on admission to study. The university sends the original invitation ONLY by regular mail.

Attention! An invitation to study issued by the university is the basis for obtaining a visa. The validity of the invitation is determined by the work period of the admission campaign and does not exceed 3 months. Please plan the date of your arrival in accordance with this term.

Invitation for study are issued free of charge!


*Further actions are indicated in the section "Arrival"

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