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Department of Public Health and Health Services

Address: 230009, Grodno, Gorkogo str., 80



Head of the Department - Surmach Marina Yurievna

The Department of Public Health and Health Services refers to the graduating departments. The department organized the teaching of the disciplines of the undergraduate programs "Public Health and Health Care", "History of Medicine", "Biomedical Ethics", "Professional Communication in Medicine", "Medical Law", "Theory of Nursing", "Management and Nursing", " Medical records management”, “Financial and legal activity”, and others, at 5 faculties. Acceptance of coursework, state exams, differentiated credits for practice is carried out.

Master's programs are being implemented in the specialty "General Medicine" profiling "Public Health and Health Services", postgraduate studies in the specialties 14.02.03 - Public Health and Health Services (medical sciences), 14.02.05 - Sociology of Medicine (medical sciences) and doctoral studies in the specialty 14.02.03 - Public Health and Health Services (medical sciences).

Training of clinical residents is carried out in the section of general professional training "Fundamentals of healthcare management in the Republic of Belarus".

The department organized: advanced training in the cycle "Managerial technologies in health care systems", "Social management in health care" (for health care managers), "Nursing management ” (for chief and senior nurses with higher education), retraining in the specialty “Health Organization”. The implementation of advanced training programs has been carried out since 2021, including with the involvement of a branch of the department, opened on the basis of the Ostrovets Central Republican Clinical Hospital.