University Structure Departments Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral course

Main activities

Main  activities:

The main objectives of the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral course are as follows: to organize and coordinate the process of training highly qualified scientific specialists at the  university.

The main functions of the department:

• to organize training highly qualified scientific specialists based on postgraduate  and doctoral courses;

• to provide organizational and methodological support of the Certification commission, the committee on biomedical ethics, admittance and assignment commissions of postgraduate doctoral students;

• to consult postgraduate doctoral students on their rights and obligations, on the current rules and preparation procedures of dissertation/PhD and doctoral thesis;

• to plan, coordinate and to register research work of departments and staff, to report on research work funded by the university;

• to organize an internal examination of the planned research works funded by the university, and theoretical and fundamental achievements;

• to select new medical technologies for submission to the to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus in order to obtain official permission for use in practical healthcare;

• to provide informational and methodological support of introduction process of university developments in healthcare institutions and educational process;