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Department of Obsterics and Gynecology

address: 230009, Grodno, Gorkogo str., 77

telephone: +375-152-43-16-21;



Head of the Department - MD, Professor Gutikova Lyudmila Vitoldovna

The educational, clinical and research interests of the Department lie in the area of Obsterics and Gynecology.

Scientific research interests at the Department are devoted to the study of diseases of the reproductive system - modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The department constantly carries out research work on scientific projects and thesis research.

The main directions of research work of the department are:

  • Improving the medical and preventive measures in preeclampsia, fetoplacental insufficiency, intrauterine infection, intrauterine growth restriction, premature birth, extragenital pathology in pregnant women (liver pathology, connective tissue disorder, anemia, etc.).
  • Development of modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cervical disease, new approaches to observing the patients with HPV infection.
  • Improvement of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment in obstetrics and gynecology: in benign tumors of the uterus and appendages, hyperplastic processes of endometrium, infertility.
  • Modern approaches to the choice of medical tactics in hyperplastic processes of endometrium and organ-sparing methods in treating uterine fibroids.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of systemic disorders in natural and surgical menopause, introduction of new pathogenetic treatment of climacteric syndrome.